Friday, January 2, 2015


We took another trip to Chattanooga this summer.  We went for the evening of 4th of July.  I thought it would be nice to stay there because we could walk to the fireworks on the river and then back to the hotel without having to deal with traffic.  As it turned out, we stayed in the hotel room and watched them through our hotel room window.  We could not have asked for a more perfect trip - all the way around!  The weather was amazing.  The girls were sweet and fun.  Our life is FAR from perfect but there are so many times that my heart just overflows at how good it is. 

We randomly came across the restaurant at the Chattanooga ChooChoo where the waiters and waitresses would sing in between serving your meal.  The girls were in awe!

Getting ready to watch fireworks out the hotel window!

Breakfast at the Blue Plate Diner the next morning.  The fattest pancakes you've ever seen!

More Summer Fun

We all attended VBS at the church this year.  I was in charge of Caroline and Kelsey's class.  VBS days are draining for me (and not in my gift set) but it was fun to see them playing and enjoying so much time with friends!

 Caroline and Kelsey with one of their sweet older friends, Macie.  She always dotes on them.

We spent as many days at the pool as possible!

Libby moved out of the nursery at church this summer.  She started attending services with us and then going to Sunday School.  She is such a sweet girl and is very quiet and observant through the services.


This is our second year attending the Faithbridge Festival.  It's such a great time to visit with other families who foster and treat all the kiddos to some fun!

Libby loved to ride the pony!  She jumped right on without any fear which made Daddy happy that maybe one day he would have a horse rider.

We got a little fellow at the first of May.  He was almost 4 months old when we got him and he stayed until right before Halloween.  He was the sweetest, most easy going baby ever!  We all LOVED him to pieces.  We're thankful for this little place in the world that we can serve and care for those who have no voice.  The girls are always asking when we will get our next baby. :-)

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Caroline graduated from preschool a couple of weeks ago.  I guess I am a pretty laid back mom.  I just take things as they come and sometimes the milestones sneak up on me.  We got spring pictures back from the preschool and all of a sudden I see a picture of Caroline in a cap and gown.  I was not expecting to see that and it shocked me how grown up she looked in that little get up.  It's like I could see her 18 graduating from high school!  

While I was surprised about this, Caroline was prepared.  Her teachers did a wonderful job talking to her about kindergarten.  She is ready to go!  Before kindergarten she had to go through her preschool graduation.  It was precious!

They each walked across the stage and got their diploma.

Afterwards, they sang several songs.  The last song talked about saying goodbye to the yellow school!  We are so excited for her and all the new adventures she will have in the fall!

Ballet Recital

Caroline has been taking ballet lessons at church all year.  I was so surprised when we got Caroline signed up for preschool this year because they offer all sorts of activities immediately following the school day.  The teachers would feed them lunch and then get them changed into their ballet leotard every week.  I signed her up immediately and checked one more thing off my to do list!  She really enjoyed her time in class this year and would often dance around the house.  

She was so excited to wear her costume, get her hair done and wear make up for the recital.  I also enjoyed being mama and helping her get ready.  ;-)

Beautiful girl!

She was showing Gigi and Grandude part of the show before we went.

 The recital was adorable and so cool.  Each dance highlighted a different mission of the church.  Her dance was in honor of Habitat for Humanity and the song was about blessing the home.  I have been so appreciative of the solid foundation that she has received in her preschool years.

She was so excited about her flowers and medal that she received after performing!

A special thank you to Gigi and Granddude who made a special trip to Marietta just to see Caroline's recital!!  They drove up Saturday afternoon after having a garage sale at their house, just to see her perform.  All of these pictures are due to Grandude's help too!  Thank you!!!!